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Yes, an Automotive Locksmith Can Come To Your Car and then proceed to craft a new set of keys for the vehicle after Verifying The Vehicle’s Ownership. However, you need to understand that this is pertinent to many factors, including proving that you are the vehicle’s legal owner. Even though it is possible to visit a dealership to get a set of replacement keys, the vehicle will need to be towed, which adds extra cost to the process. Not to mention that dealerships, regardless of the make or year of the vehicle, are notoriously expensive. That’s why most people opt to hire a locksmith who can get to their location and make a new key on the spot.

Call An Automotive Locksmith

You should always Call a Local Automotive Locksmith like us because even the most prominent dealerships use services like ours. Most dealerships don’t have an in-house locksmith. The job is usually outsourced to a professional that charges 50% less than them, giving them (the dealership) a 50% margin. That’s why you will end up paying more for the job at a dealership.

You will also have to pay so that the vehicle is towed to the dealership. Dealerships will not send a guy to your location, so add another $500 to the bill!

The Original Key Isn’t Needed

Depending on the security used by your vehicle, the original key may or may not be needed. Many automotive locksmiths have the equipment and knowledge to make a key based on the data they get from the vehicle. However, having the original key can help to speed up the process and also make it cheaper.

If you don’t have the original key, the automotive locksmith will need to get the required keycode from the vehicle. Every key code is unique to the vehicle. Also, if you have one of the latest vehicles with a wireless FOB, which does not require contact with the vehicle, getting the code is harder and more time-consuming.

Call An Automotive Locksmith

Call An Automotive Locksmith

Automotive Locksmiths Can Help You 24/7

Many automotive locksmiths like us operate 24/7. On the other hand, dealerships don’t operate beyond 5pm, and that’s another reason you should always have an automotive locksmith on quick dial. Our emergency locksmith service ensures that we can reach you regardless of the time of day or night. Our team travels with everything needed to make keys for most vehicles. That said, we strongly advise that you have everything to prove ownership of the vehicle before calling us or any other locksmith for that matter.

When you call an automotive locksmith, give them your location. You will also need to give them your name, the vehicle’s VIN number and a bit more information. Once they get all the information, they will get to your location. Fortunately, the process of making a key for most vehicles is quick and relatively easy.

The Original Key Isn't Needed 

The Original Key Isn’t Needed


The cost associated with Getting a New Key made for a vehicle can range from a few dollars to a few hundred. The more tech-heavy the car’s security is, the more expensive getting a key made can end up being. However, an automotive locksmith still works out to be cheaper than taking your car to a dealership, even if it is a heavily tech-reliant security system.

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