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Many people attempt to hide a spare key outside of their home or apartment just so that they can be saved from the frustration of being locked out in the event their main key goes missing. That said the inherent danger of hiding your spare key outside is the fact that it could make the job of a burglar very easy. All they need is to keep an eye on you to see where you are hiding the spare key.

The good news is that there are Several Excellent Places to put your spare keys. That said, there are some places that are more obvious than others. The goal is to choose the least obvious spot. You will want to strike the right balance between using a Clever Hiding Spot for your key outside, but it shouldn’t be so hidden that you forget where it is when needed.

Our first and most important tip is not to hide your key under the doormat. Instead, use one of the ideas we’ll discuss below in this article.

Utilize Fake Rocks

Interestingly, there are many more Americans buying fake rocks from stores than there ever were before. They think it will blend in with the natural scenery. The problem with these fake rocks is that they look out of place, and that makes them easy to spot. So, if you can easily distinguish a real from a fake rock, then so can anyone else.

Our suggestion is to make your own place to hide a key in a real stone rock. You can glue it to the rock or bury it in the ground near the home.

Potted Plants

Many people stash their keys under fake outdoor pot plants, but it is one of the most common ways to hide a key that everyone knows about it. If you are using this method, it is like inviting a criminal to your home. Plus, it requires minimal effort to lift the plant and get the key. Also, potted plants are easily knocked over, so a gust of wind could reveal the key to your front door.

Behind Knockers and Front Door Ledges

Never hide the keys to your home in knocks and crannies around the front door. Many criminals check the front door, and they know all the common hiding places. Alternatively, you could hide the keys behind the knockers with a magnet. Not only is it less evident, but there is significantly less risk of being found.

Mail Boxes

Sure, mailboxes are away from your door and even your home, but it is very near the street. People could be watching you from a few meters away. So, they could just as easily open the mailbox and pull out the key.

Rain gutter

Sure rain gutters and even spouts aren’t the first places that a criminal will think to look for keys; if you live in a place that receives a lot of rain, it could wash away the keys too. So, you’ll still need to fall back on having to Call a Locksmith.

Fake Sprinklers

Fake rocks look out of place and are easy to spot, but that’s not the case with fake sprinklers. They look realistic, but they will only work if you have a garden that has a sprinkler system installed. The upside to using a fake sprinkler is that it is inexpensive and straightforward to put together. You only need a nozzle, a plastic container, hose and some hot glue to put the parts together.

Once the device is assembled, bury it in the ground, and nobody will ever think to dig it up. They will probably think that you’re doing it to keep your grass hydrated.

Use a Fake Drain Cap

Now if you are living in an area known for having high levels of petty crime invest in a fake drain cap. A fake drain cap as the term suggests does not perform its normal function, i.e. of draining water, but instead will hold your keys. Nobody ever chooses to open up a drain cap because it stinks. The only difference is that this will not because it is fake.

All you need is to buy a drain cap or some small plastic container. Put the key inside of the container and hook it up to the drain cap. Then dig a hole and bury the container in it. Allow the top of the cap to be exposed so that it looks like any regular drain cap.

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