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Almost everyone reading this knows the frustration that comes along with being locked out of your own apartment after a pretty exhausting day at work. You are probably thinking of all the things you could do when you get inside like take a warm shower, listen to some music and call up a friend etc.

Then out of nowhere you just figured out that you lost the keys to your apartment. At this point a million things are rushing through your head, i.e. did I drop it, did I leave it in the office etc. Unfortunately, none of those thoughts is going to help you.

When you get locked out of the apartment, there are a couple of things you can do. In this article, we’ll go over what to try before you call a locksmith Go Through Verification and hiring them. Hiring a locksmith will cost you money so you’ll want to hold it off until absolutely necessary.

What to Do When Locked Out of Your Apartment?

Well, there are a couple of things that you can and should do. We will run through a couple of options that you should have, and you’ll want to try these before opting to call a locksmith company.

Call the Leasing Office 

Now your leasing office representative should have an extra set of keys to your apartment. They always have another set of keys, but they just don’t tell people about it. They are well versed in the lockout policy too. So, if this is your first time losing the keys to your apartment, you may not have to pay anything, but if it happens again, you might be subjected to a fee.

Some people call it a fine, but that’s their policy for providing people with a replacement key. Make sure that you are familiar with the community’s policies of the building. If you are renting the apartment from the owner aka landlord, then call them up to ask if they have a spare or if they could refer you to a locksmith.

Look for Alternative Ways to Get In

Now, if you don’t want to pay extra for a locksmith, you should find alternative ways to get in. Look for open windows or the back door of the apartment. You can also see if the apartment next door is close enough for you to climb through their window and then in through yours. In some cases, you could also rent a ladder and climb up to the window and let yourself in.

Calling a Locksmith 

Now if you have exhausted all other options and are feeling anxious and stressed, then Call a Locksmith. A professional locksmith should be able to unlock the apartment and all without damaging the lock. However, you will want to consult with your landlord or property manager before calling a Locksmith Company. You need to call them, especially if you are going to change the locks.

Preventing Getting Locked Out in the Future 

Now in the perfect world, our keys would stick to us like glue. We’d never forget them. But that’s not the world we live in. That’s why you’ll want to take the following steps to ensure that this does not happen next time.

Always Have a Spare Key Handy 

You should always have a spare key in your car’s glove box or somewhere else where it can easily be accessed in your time of need. However, you shouldn’t leave the keys in any common spots like perhaps under the mat or on the top of your door frame or even an artificial rock. Come up with a place that both practical where most people will not think to look for a key.

Give The Key to a Trusted Friend 

If you have someone you trust, give them a copy of your keys. If anything, they can easily be called, and you can gain access to the apartment.

Get Keyless Entry 

Many of the newer apartment communities now use smart devices with keypads and smart locks. The smart locks make it easier for renters to access their apartment without having a key. Some use Bluetooth others use a mobile app and Wi-Fi. You might want to speak to your landlord to get something similar installed. If anything, it will serve them in the long-term when it comes time to rent the apartment to someone else.


Locksmiths Can Open All Locks, including those in the apartment. So, if you find yourself in need of one, do not hesitate to call One That Operates 24/7.

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